Thursday, 18 August 2016

My Country

Mine is a land of art and beauty,
From heaven in Kashmir to Gods own country,
From the magnificent Kohinoor to our mesmerizing Taj.

Mine is land of elaborate taste,
From Ladakh’s Kehwa to the coffee in Kerala,
From Amritsar’s Parantha to biriyani in Andhra.

Mine is a land of courage and valour,
From the fierce Mughals to the Rajputs of honour,
From Bhagat’s sacrifice to Netaji’s dedication.

Mine is a land of great preachers,
 From Guru Nanak to the Buddha,
 From Mahavir Jain to Ashoka.

Mine is a land of tolerance and peace,
Satyagraha, that one word shook the British empire,
As we followed the path of Gandhi, so did the world.

Even now we are the world’s largest democracy,
We house scores of religions,
And hundreds of languages.

Mine is land of knowledge and wisdom,
We gave the world numbers,
We taught them how to count their nothings,
We were the first to gaze at the stars,
Now we are in orbit around mars.

Mine is the land that was called the golden bird,
What was one of the richest countries,
Now lies looted by countless invading enemies,
Thus my country hath wept,
And my country hath bled,
But every instance has been avenged,
For every enemy has fled,
Those who remain are my countrymen,
My land is India,

So indeed Jai Hind.

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