Friday, 26 June 2015


One lazy winter morning while I was
about to take a pause 
from taking a pause 
get some work done because
all i had since morning was
take a pause
take a pause
and take a pause
and everyone was 
like what the hell, boss?
i was supposed clean my jaws
with a floss
but i took a pause
and i took a pause
and i took a pause
so everyone was 
like you'll end up cleaning moss
so i let that pause 
go for a toss
and cleaned my jaws 
with a floss.
thus what i had accomplished was 
taking a pause 
from taking a pause.
But then what i realized was
how much loss
taking a pause was.
So i let taking a pause 
go for a toss.
Then what i did was
really impressive because
i took a pause 
it was lunchtime, boss.
All i had done all morning was
clean my jaws
with a floss.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Don't mess with the god of light
even if you are darkness incarnate
because you can't survive without sight
even if you are trying to you'll be just bait
just don't mess with the unconquerable knight
i say this for you own sake.

Even if you have survived endless night
you'll be like a mite
in front of his eternal might
you'll be blown away like a kite.

Even if you manage to bite
he'll tear you apart byte by byte

After he's done you'll look like
you were on a diet 
for a long, long time 
before you died. 

Just don't mess with the god of light.