Monday 26 June 2017


It looked again. All it got was an error message.
"I was asleep, Did I miss anything?"
He stared up into the sky.
I am astonished and bewildered.
The sky was a sullen pink, darkening.
Via a rather curious blue and upward to black.
"It looks like a joke."
A curse. An ancient night.
The sky,
Was utterly and completely black.

Friday 24 February 2017

The Eternal Gifts of a Poet?

It had been so long since I wrote,
I thought, I had lost them, the eternal gifts of a poet:
the sad sorrow,
the angry ferociousness.
But now, I can see them,
welled up behind my eyes,
Now, I can hear them,
swelling up in my throat.
Now, I can hear them,
screaming and scheming
as they whisper into mind.
Now, I can feel them clawing,
Clawing, shouting, screeching and impatient,
All, in the deep reaches of my mind.
My skull, struggling to keep what's inside inside,
Aches to bursts and let them out.

And armed with the armour of a mirthful guise
And the sword of a poetic imagination,
I wage war on these insolent foe,
I battle this enemy with names aplenty,
This silhouetted evil I allude to.

Eternal gifts of a poet?
The self-glorifying rants of a madman, right?

Thursday 18 August 2016

My Country

Mine is a land of art and beauty,
From heaven in Kashmir to Gods own country,
From the magnificent Kohinoor to our mesmerizing Taj.

Mine is land of elaborate taste,
From Ladakh’s Kehwa to the coffee in Kerala,
From Amritsar’s Parantha to biriyani in Andhra.

Mine is a land of courage and valour,
From the fierce Mughals to the Rajputs of honour,
From Bhagat’s sacrifice to Netaji’s dedication.

Mine is a land of great preachers,
 From Guru Nanak to the Buddha,
 From Mahavir Jain to Ashoka.

Mine is a land of tolerance and peace,
Satyagraha, that one word shook the British empire,
As we followed the path of Gandhi, so did the world.

Even now we are the world’s largest democracy,
We house scores of religions,
And hundreds of languages.

Mine is land of knowledge and wisdom,
We gave the world numbers,
We taught them how to count their nothings,
We were the first to gaze at the stars,
Now we are in orbit around mars.

Mine is the land that was called the golden bird,
What was one of the richest countries,
Now lies looted by countless invading enemies,
Thus my country hath wept,
And my country hath bled,
But every instance has been avenged,
For every enemy has fled,
Those who remain are my countrymen,
My land is India,

So indeed Jai Hind.

Sunday 26 June 2016

Our stories

Look east to the crimson light,
Look west to retreating night,
Look down to the fallen dead,
Look south to the foe in red,
Look beyond to the raging sea,
Look ahead, and foresee.

Foresee, this morn, a day,
A day of dread,
A day of sword and arrowhead,
A day of falling foes,
A day of heavy blows,
A day, of victory.

When the day is done,
When the battle is won,
When our foes have fled,
And we’ve buried our dead,
When we are back, brave and bold,
Our stories, shall be told.

Sunday 15 May 2016

A Short, Short While

A billion steps, a thousand smiles,
And much more I shared with you,
In a short, short while.

A million laughs, a hundred miles,
And it was over,
In a short, short while.

It feels like it was a long, long time ago,
Maybe time over sped,
And now it’s going to slow.

Sunday 24 April 2016

It is This

Three shades of green,
Two of brown,
One pure white,
It caught my sight.

Stretching into the blue expanse,
With a delicate cloud stuck to it.

As I climbed up,
I saw the blinding sun,
And never ending snow.

Thus I experienced the famous couplet,
"If there is heaven on earth,
It is this, it is this. "

Saturday 16 April 2016


Tomorrow’s the day,
The day, when I shall fly,
When I shall taste the wind,
The day, I dreamt of.

Now I can’t wait,
For tomorrow to come.

Even as I imagine tomorrow,
I remember, I will have to fly away,
Away from what I have,
Away from who I have.

Get some, lose some,
That’s the golden rule… 

Sunday 10 April 2016

I Turned Around

From one edge to another,
I saw that day.
Land on both sides, void betwixt.

There was a milestone and it said
“SUCCESS: A Leap Away,
 DISTRESS: The Very Same.”
I knew, one wrong step,
And its Humpty-Dumpty all the way down.

Not that pain scares me, we’re next of kin,
Not that despair haunts me, Not that I don’t dare.

But as I stood there and looked on,
Both sides were the same,
Barren, rocky ground.

Life game me an edge to leap off,

And I turned around.

Sunday 3 April 2016

The Axe

I met a man, staggering along
A desolate path.
When I asked him how he ended up there,
He said, “I took a wrong turn,
And I just couldn’t go back
But I will reach home…
Through the forest”

I pointed out as to how dense it was,
He walked on,
Turned around,
Patted his axe,
And said, “I will cut my way through”.
As he did so, the gleam of his eyes,

Told me he would do it.

Sunday 27 March 2016

The Cursed One

Today I tell you of a story, a sorry and untold one,
We hear of many great heroes but seldom,
Seldom, does one hear of the cursed one,
He with his might many battles won,
And in his times mad countless enemies,
including the three fates of Hades,
so that he may for his sins atone,
the fates cursed him to forever walk alone,
and walk alone forever he did,

thus his life and fame this curse undid.