Sunday, 28 February 2016

A Thousand Paths

A thousand paths lie ahead
Spread, like a spider’s web.
A thousand ways, a thousand roads,
A thousand stories waiting to be told.

With each new step,
A thousand paths unfold.
There will be those,
Who’ll walk along,
And those who’ll walk away instead.

They will come and they will go,
But you will go on forever.
An eternal march, an eternal war
Is all that is yours.

But no matter how big a spider’s web,
It will always cross itself.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

A Fire

I’ve tried to galvanize my heart,
To electroplate it.
All, in order to
Protect its soft core,
To hide it,
To disguise it.

But every now and then,
Again and again,
It just bursts out,
And I lose control.

But it’s good to let go,
It’s easy to sit back and watch.

Sometimes what comes out I wind
That enkindles the flame of purpose,
And what grows, is a raging fire,
Albeit with direction.

But usually what is let loose,
Is a bunch of firewood,
But what grows is a fire,
That lives only to annihilate.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

My Path

Trace my path with thorns
And I shall but dance
For what are thorns,
If not wicked grass.

Send tempest after tempest
And I shall but laugh
For what is a storm,
If not treacherous breeze.

Let there be scorching heat
And I shall but move on
For what is scorching heat,
If not a hostile sun.

And I shall not stop,
I shall not pause,
I shall not give up,
And I shall brave it all.

So bring what storm you may,
Unleash what demons you dare,
Cause what obstruction you can,
O ye gods from above!

For I have seen the gilded end,
Of this road to my goal,
And if it doth pass through hell,

Then so be it.

Sunday, 7 February 2016


Where the head is held high
And the mind is without fear
Where no one ever did die
And none has ever shed a tear

Where every stone is made of gold
And only truth is told
Where it is never cold
And no one grows old

Where everyone has all they need
And they haven’t ever heard of greed
Where no one needs to plead
Is a sorry place indeed!

For it is fear and greed
And their luscious creed
That ambitions feed
And greatness breed

As day without night is incomplete

So is joy without grief.